Juliet Annerino

Content Strategist

Juliet Annerino is an editorial and copywriter, playwright, international chanteuse, and composer. She writes content for KrowdMentor, editorial for the Libertarian Institute and the Center for a Stateless Society, and copy for antiwar.com. She also researches and proofreads for the Reason Foundation. 

She considers herself a continuing student and practitioner of psychology, philosophy, public relations, finance, and disruptive technology. 

You may know her as the woman who disrupted empty walls everywhere with her notorious "PinUps for Ron Paul Calendar”, garnering international media attention from Der Spiegel in Germany to El Mundo in Spain, featured in U.S. News and World Report as well as the Colbert Report. 

She enjoys international travel and occasionally tours as a jazz musician in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Central America.